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Follow the antics of a strong-headed female protagonist through her school days in I Love You!, a visual novel otome game where you could meet and date some good boys depending on the choices you make! 

Take the lead in the relationship and live an unforgettable school festival with your friends, or even your future boyfriend. What fun moments will ensue? Who will you choose in the end?

This game has been localized into English. You can find the original Japanese game here.

  • Changeable main character name
  • Choices that impact the story
  • Affection levels impact how the boys talk to you
  • 8 potential endings
  • CG Art Gallery 
  • 3-4 hours of gameplay
  • And a surprise!

Localization by Moonchime Localization

Story by Shinogi Shiohara

Art by Shinogi Shiohara

If you have any issues running the game, or other questions or concerns feel free to reach us at info@moonchimeloc.com

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(375 total ratings)
AuthorMoonchime Localization
GenreVisual Novel
Average sessionA few seconds


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just finished all the routes and omg  kirishima my love <3 really liked how we took the lead! 


For everyone out there who's yearning for a sweet visual novel with an MC who is strong and direct, this game is a must play for you! I enjoyed my time playing I Love You! The bachelors are all very likeable, but Onodera Hikaru won me over and has a tight grip on me. He's cute, and his interactions with the MC are just as adorable!

I Love You! is a fluffy, slice of life, and lighthearted game that'll make you smile and feel better. It is short, but that's one thing I liked about the game. Its gameplay length is just long enough for you to enjoy all of the characters and the entire content it has to offer, without unnecessarily dragging the story way too long that it might get your eyes glazed over. The art style is worthy of praise too! Very simple but cute. The developers also did a great job in setting the mood in-game through BGM, sound effects, and background art. I Love You! has a total of 8 endings, 1 of them being with the secret LI. Some of the scenes are cliché but in a way that I find humor in it and I just laughed it off in amusement. The MC doesn't have a dialogue aside from the choices, similar to how it was with Otomate's Amnesia: Memories. 

The game takes place in highschool. The developers did a good job in setting the mood in-game, I felt truly immersed when MC was taking the train ride home. I played this on a rainy afternoon and it somehow adds to the experience. Made me feel very nostalgic, I can't believe there will come a time where I'm gonna miss being in highschool but this game definitely became the catalyst to it, LOL. I liked it, made me appreciate the kind of life I had back then and the people I've spent it with.

I've had a technical issue with the game though: the screen turns black sometimes when I use skip. This happened a few times and each time, I had to restart the game. I'm just glad that my saves are still there when I got back.

Playing this game was such a breather and gave me a good break from all the plot-heavy, dark, and angsty otome games. This game is sweet, and filled with sweet characters. Game developers, thank you for your efforts and taking the time to localize this. I highly recommend this to those who are looking for an otome game that'll help them unwind, and relieve stress.


Yay! I just finished all the content, and I loved them all. Tsuda seemed to have the best ending (and extra points for the spank scene! :P) I wish there had been more content with the secret and nurse endings, but overall, the game kept me smiling throughout all the content. I REALLY wish there were more otome games with blushing, shy, submissive type men with an aggressive MC *swoon*




idk what this says about me but i needed that lmao

i love it!!


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after a refreshing 5 hour session i got every ending and extra, and this is genuinely my favorite game ever. and the fact it was free was quite surprising. no homo but kirishima's my favorite. i liked how instead of the boys, it was you who took the lead in this one. no homo tho

Fellas, is it gay to play a heterosexual dating sim?

if the mc is the opposite of the main capture characters, you good homie


oh my god.
i just finnished the whole game in one go. i feel happily empty. all the boys are adorable, and mc?? gezz i loved her even more<3

it's funny how i love everyone of the characters in different ways, it's visible the amount of work and love that was put into this game.

i still can't tell if doing all the friendship endings was worth it or not? hmm (thank godness for youtube playthroughs! would not have figured all of them by myself) 

i still belive that in another universe there is a poly quintet


I really loved this game.It has multiple endings with satisfying interaction and I  like how fl takes the lead.I like tsuda the most (he's so cute). 

I played this vn a few weeks ago and it made me giggle. it was really nice and i wish there was more game play somehow. overall, i liked it.


Class president route when?


played this months ago, deleted it because of some issues with my computer (didn't complete the endings T^T), came back here, read the comments. 


Um, ALL my progress just got deleted when I closed the game. All my pretty scenes! Is there anyway to get it back without finishing each again?

same happened to me, very sad moment :'0


We can mourn together then :'(



need more heroines that take the initiative!!!! really cute, fun and simple visual novel ^^ all the characters are so adorable u cant help but love all of them <33


i also didn't expect a ''secret'' character!! i  really loved the ending with them.... 


Ahhhhh, thank you so much for localizing this.

My review/rating (I'm just gonna include this, since it echoes my thoughts):
Oh my goodness. I just love this game. It is so cute and wonderful and perfect. I didn't think I'd like this - it's a highschool setting, and I'm just kinda of over that, right? I'm in my 30s. I don't relate to or care about highschool BS anymore. But no. This is so freaking wonderful and adorable, I will always make an exception for this or something exactly like this. All of the LIs are just endearing, cute, wonderful, sweet, and adorable. Have I said "wonderful and adorable" enough times? Like.. you don't even know. This is just that cute, 'wonderful and adorable'. There are two endings (love, friendship) for each, and two extra endings. And honestly, the one extra ending is just wonderful, and really made me want to get a real/full route of that - it legit tugged at my heartstrings, and captivated me. Honestly, all of the routes are so wonderful that I would absolutely love more.  Kirishima is just a sweet bean, absolutely adorable and sweet, hardworking and intelligent, sometimes to a fault. Tsuda is a super cute guy, kind of popular, could easily have tsun tendencies, given the right situation. Onodera is kind, considerate, adorable, and just wants some attention, haha, but he deserves it all, 100%. They're all just so great and solid. This is so well-done, well-paced, well-developed, and well thought out. When I saw that the MC was silent, I was a little worried, not sure how I'd like that. And when it started with all the kabedons, again.. wasn't sure I'd like it. But the MC packs a freakin' punch with her choices. She's strong, tough, and bold. The dialogue of all the characters range from endearing, to cute, to hilarious - they kept me going, easily. I would read more of them all day, every day. They're all just so, so good. I cannot recommend this enough. It's worth the full-complete, too. A+

goodness, it is a simple game but I had so much fun with it! Tsuda's and the Secret LI's Ending pulled on my heartstrings so much ugh, hah



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it was SUCH a GOOD GAME !! i really love it TT I have a preference for Kirishima's ending tho it was so adorable TT The art, characters (MC i love you too please date me !!) and story are really great ! im glad i gave this otome a chance because it was really a wholesome and cute experience. Thank you !


the secret ending is so funny and i love the hidden unrequited love trope so he really might be second fav if he was a regular route hehe


i remember playing this game a long time ago but i just got to playing it again recently. i love everything about this, honestly. tsuda is 100% the best character in game though i have to admit i'm kindaaaaa biased towards him >︿< because he's just so cute??!?. all in all i just wanna say that i need more games like this. i feel like we lack in the "visual novels set in japanese high schools" department. if anyone has a recommendation, please tell me bc i obviously need more content like this, thank you

I really love this! at first, I love kirishima but when I got the secret ending... I changed my mind immediately, gosh! This game playing with my heart

(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡ i love this game so much! thank you for the hard work!

Thank you for translating this wonderful game !


Best dating sim I played for the LONGEST! on the edge of my seat for a new game like this

lol,this mc is the better,so manly(lol),i also loved the ??? ending,i didn't expect it.Thank you for the game.

I love this game! The only problem is when I exit the game and come back to it the game doesn't save my progress even if I saved it (but I can get all the endings easily anyway :P) Overall, it's an amazing game :D


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OMG I love it all, admittedly I only went for Tsuda because hello, I had so much damn fun teasing him and I genuinely fell in love with him. But as of now I'm going to try to get all the endings especially the friendship endings because even so I still want to be friends with them all. Also the MC?? Hello?? I am SIMPING so hard for her holy hell, even though I'm the one whose controlling her in the end she has her own charisma that makes me swoon~~

EDIT: Finally finished and completed the game!! Was so much fun and while Tsuda is still my favorite, Kirishima has my heart in a chokehold, Onodere makes me want to pinch his cheeks, and the secret boi makes me want to do more princely things with him AHAHAHHA AAAA LOVELY GAME THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING IT AND LETTING US EXPERIENCE THIS WONDERFUL VISUAL NOVEL~!!

This game was so wonderful ;-; I love MC so so MUCH!!! She such a strong women, also she alway make the first step. I think i may simp for her (^///^)

i miss they so much.... part 2 when?

I'm having a problem launching it, I Have windows 10. Looks like a wonderful game and can't wait to see more :D 

Same! It says unknown publisher so can't run on pc :'(

Hi, if you are using Windows, there should be an option to read the warning (e.g., 'More) which expands the box and you can choose 'run anyways'.

I loved this game so much and personally, would love for a second part of the game.  I do know that it would be quite expensive, so I forgive you if you don't make one.  :]


I really enjoyed this game and wish it was longer haha. I hope maybe in future a sequel or something that shows how they deal with school life as a couple I dunno.

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I've been looking for comments similar to the one I'm going to make but I haven't found any. The game is having trouble running (I'm using Mac) To the point where it takes quite a while for the text to load, for screens to load after I've clicked on buttons, basically any action takes a long time to execute. I'm not sure if this is just on my end or if anyone else, especially on Mac, has had this issue? I closed and opened the game again to see if it was just lagging the first time I opened it but that didn't fix anything and it's still lagging. It really does look like a good game and I'm really excited to play it once it starts running right, but it's really hard to get through it as it's lagging quite a bit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

(1 edit)

I'm beginning to realize that this is only an issue when it comes to interacting with the love interests. Don't know why lol


Thank you for the localization of this lovely game! I have just finished the secret route and really love the characters in this game. 

You can watch the multiple playthroughs here in this playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYuc1W8SHq9j4_xRdDo7sP2mthQ7cQ2V

The game is relatively short for each route that you can play in less than an hour per route with quirky characters. Whether no name, main love interests or secret characters, everyone in the school life is very wholesome, with clear cultured taste *cough*maidloverforclasspresident*cough* and the weakness for our protagonist handsomeness. Though, what made the playthrough most enjoyable is the assertiveness, aggressiveness and absolutely gentlemanly of our female protagonist. Be it bridal carry, piggy back carry or getting a kiss, she's on top! 


I haven't finished every route yet, but I can already say that this game is amazing. The smack his ass option shows up not ONCE but TWICE and I have never laughed harder in my life. The localization is *chef's kiss* and the dialogue is sweet and hilarious.
MC is a chad and I wouldn't want it any other way.
The LI's are also adorable and I love the fact that in the Extra's gallery we get access to a folder called Stills that's essentially a mini-avatar editor with all the sprites you're able to see in game. Never knew that could be a thing, and I'm in love with it. Also super handy for fan-artists.

All in all, highly recommend.

Yes! I just downloaded this for the dominant MC and sub guys, but letting me know it has spanking in it has me rushing to play this route! LOL!  :P


I Don't Love You!

ps: did i ask


no one asked

I really love this game, but everytime I close it and open it again, I need to play it from the beginning. TwT I hope someone can help me!


really love the mc!! we need more female characters like this, such a cool and strong lady... wow... (also kirishima's the most precious boy, 10/10) <33



heh :3

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