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Follow the antics of a strong-headed female protagonist through her school days in I Love You!, a visual novel otome game where you could meet and date some good boys depending on the choices you make! 

Take the lead in the relationship and live an unforgettable school festival with your friends, or even your future boyfriend. What fun moments will ensue? Who will you choose in the end?

This game has been localized into English. You can find the original Japanese game here.

  • Changeable main character name
  • Choices that impact the story
  • Affection levels impact how the boys talk to you
  • 8 potential endings
  • CG Art Gallery 
  • 3-4 hours of gameplay
  • And a surprise!

Localization by Moonchime Localization

Story by Shinogi Shiohara

Art by Shinogi Shiohara

If you have any issues running the game, or other questions or concerns feel free to reach us at info@moonchimeloc.com


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I Love You!.zip 272 MB
I Love You! for Mac.zip 272 MB
I Love You! Strategy Guide.pdf 59 kB

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the story is so cute. I love them all

omgggg i really love this game !!!

for once that in a game like that the female protagonist takes the lead! I've always dreamed of it happening! very very very satisfied with this game I recommend it 1000 times (kirishima i love youuuuuu so much T^T)

onodera my beloved

it feels like im playing stormlover kai again (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ 

This game looks great! Could you tell me whether its completed or not?

Yes, it is!

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bro i jokingly was like oh what if i could date male student b

and then i could

All the characters are soooooo cute !!!!! The game is so sweet ! I've played through almost all of the endings and I love every one so far ! Keep up the good work !!!

I really love this game, my heart warmed (in a good way)


Kirishima BEST BOI but seriously, this was so wholesome and cute. The fact there was also the mother ending too. ADORABLE. I also love the female protagonist because she's very headstrong and seemingly charming. Need more characters like her. It's like the roles has been switch with the guys and her lol. I really enjoyed every scene and route. 

I love this game, but when I quit and start it after a few minutes, I need to start everything from the beginning. :I 
Besides this, it's an awesome game :D

I really love this T_T It was very cute and fun to see the roles "reversed" !! And in general the art and music was very nice! Thank you ^^ 

Como colocar o jogo em português

Não tem como, mas a experiencia é bacana, sabendo o basico do inglês da pra usufruir bastante

This was such a charming game I enjoyed playing every minute of it. I love how the characters interacted with one another and how cute the boys were. This game is short and sweet so if you want to play something fun and short play I Love You! I promise you won't regret it.

This was so cute!!! I love it!!

It's 10/10 for me. This game is so so sweet awww my heart.


I LOVED THIS GAME!!! This was absolutely lighthearted and very funny and sweet. 1000/10 would definitely recommend. (idk bout any of you but tsuda was my absolute fav <3)

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thanks for the game it's not everyday otome gave me chance to be the alpha male


Thank you for making this game!

I enjoyed every second that I played, especially, Ritsu Kirishima's route. <3


OMG all of the characters are really cute!!! I just love them all but I like Kirishima the most. Thanks for making us this game ❤

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I'm a simple woman, I see an otome with a strong and dominant MC and cute shy LIs and I offer my soul to it

(spoiler ahead) Hirose best boy btw



these chrs are sooo cute and i love a more dominant female mc!! thanks for the localisation!!

I love Hiroto Tsuda. I wish he were my bf in real life. (=>_<=) So kawai!

Finally, a RR visual novel/otome game. Now I can die in peace


The universe needs more RR games like this one 🙏🏻


Loved playing it !! It was really fun to tease the characters, especially Tsuda and Onodera ! It's satisfying to have a MC who take the leads too. Thank you for translating this game and letting us discover it !!

How do I play this? I already download it though


Really simple and cute game, guys were adorable. I like how manly/dominant MC is and how they're really into it haha

I have a question about date CGs (aquarium etc.): Can you obtain them in game through events? Because they were already in my gallery after finishing romance end of every guy, even though I never saw them when playing

Huge thanks for localization! 

Hi! Those CGs are indeed only available as a bonus after finishing each route, as such, you won't find them in real gameplay.

Thank you so much for playing, we're glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

Really cute and fun game ! All the guys were adorable. I like how their manner of speech differed from one other and the honorifics were kept. Really a great translation. Can’t wait for future games ! 

My save got deleted in this game after completing one ending but whatever, I replayed and got all of it anyways. I love beta males so I love this game 10/10


i've never tried so hard to get all a game's cgs in my LIFE


I adored this game. It was so cute and such a refreshing idea to let the main character be self assured of themself! :) I hope to see similar good games in the future and thank you for blessing us with such an amazing story!! :D


I really loved the game. It was so cute and fun, and the art looks amazing . ^_^


can someone tell me how to get all the endings pls Im kind of stuck ;-;

Deleted 201 days ago

Hello! We provided the PDF for the strategy guide under the "Download" section, so feel free to look through it!
Filename: I Love You! Strategy Guide.pdf
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

omg TYSM THİS İS THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED  I got all the endings its so amazing and cute!! u guys are the best Im looking forward to ur other games ^

It seems like a great game, honest to the title/desc, but I can't get past being unable to use the arrow keys to forward dialogue on the Mac version. Using the mouse/trackpad could forward TOO MUCH and I'd have to fallback on the dialogue and read from there... Couldn't get past the first 2 choices because of this :/ 

Besides that; Neat looking game tho

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You can use the enter key instead of clicking though. I had the same problem until I realized that haha

Ohh! I'll try that, thank you!


Thank you for localizing this game! I am a huge fan of the "role reversal" trope and as an otoge fan this is something I really needed LOL every character was adorable and I loved all of the endings, I'll definitely be revisiting this in the future! I really loved the more dominant MC. Again thanks for your hard work and I look forward to future projects!

I loved it so much! Thank you!


Played the entire game and got every ending/CG! This was so cute holy crap. I literally fell in love with everyone. I love headstrong main characters that take initiative! This was so refreshing. Definitely one of my favourites of the year.

 for some reason it doesnt save the save files and progress that i made

Hi! The game should indeed save files, especially if you use the Save and Load functions. If deleting it and redownloading it doesn't work please reach us at info@moonchimeloc.com with the details!

I want to play it but my computer wont allow me to run it ;-;


ah! if you have a windows and that pop up shows up where it wont let you run it click "more" or it should say something like "more info" and then it should have a button beside "don't run" saying "run anyways".


if your PC/laptop is 32 bit only then that may be one of the problems because the game is 64 bit only ^^


The suggestions you have gotten are on point! It might also be a permissions problem, in which case running as an administrator or moving it to a different folder might fix it.

If you still have trouble get in touch with us at info@moonchimeloc.com so we can look into it further!


I really love this game the story was so fun to play through and I loved getting the special art for the story!

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